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Basic Car Spina Tyre Warmer

Capit has always produced high-quality direct plug-in tyre warmers that provide excellent technical and aesthetic performance, making the tyres immediately ready for use in the best possible condition, thanks to the temperature uniformity they offer. They use PTFE coils and special aluminum diffusers. This technology allows long-lasting thermal stability at 85°C. The car tyre warmers are sold in pairs.

  • Made with highly thermo-conductive technical materials (+40% compared to competitors)
  • Radial heating cable arranged in PTFE for reduced heating time and energy consumption, with even heat distribution thanks to an aluminum layer.
  • Special fireproof inner linings for greater resistance to tyre abrasion.
  • Perfect water resistance even in extreme conditions (certified IP54)
  • LED control light
  • External connection cable made of rubber resistant up to 200°C
  • Guaranteed for 3 years. 100% Made in Italy
  • Available in 3 classic colours: black, red, blue
  • Already equipped with identifying patches for FRONT LEFT REAR RIGHT etc.

Capit has always produced high-quality CAR BASIC direct plug-in tyre warmers that provide excellent technical and aesthetic performance, making the tyres immediately perform at their best, thanks above all to the temperature uniformity that the tyre warmers are capable of guaranteeing on the whole tyre surface.

Capit products are used in the most important championships, including Formula1, by official teams and tyre manufacturers for their test teams. The aluminium diffuser fabric is capable of perfectly distributing heat and drastically reducing power consumption thanks to the overall thermal efficiency inside the tyre warmer.

The CAR plug-in tyre warmers offer long-lasting thermal stability at 85°C in just 50 minutes. They are supplied in convenient waterproof bags.

Optional extras

Capit offers a range of useful optionals to obtain a tyre warmer that is almost tailored to your needs:

  • The possibility to request the application of your Team Logo
  • The possibility to purchase SIDE covers in the three colours of red, black, and blue (see dedicated section)


Thermography shows how Capit’s technology offers better performance thanks to the TEFLON heating cable, unlike all the other brands of tyre warmers that use silicone. No Capit tyre warmer, in fact, is susceptible to accidental crushing of the car or motorcycle. Heat is evenly distributed throughout the tyre, ensuring safety, tyre grip on the track, and optimal performance.


The Capit Basic Car tyre warmers can be ordered with the following plugs:

  • European Schuko type plug (EU 220/230 Volt)
  • British (UK – 230 Volt)
  • American/Japanese (USA/JPN 100-110 Volt)
  • Australian (AUS – 240 Volt)


For further customizations, Capit has a tailor-made department: please contact our Factory Racing Performance department at , which will customize any textile or electrical wiring according to your specific needs.