Full CONTROL Tyre Warmer

High performance for this top-of-the-line Capit Full CONTROL tyre warmer (already a multiple MotoGP world champion), which is able to heat not only the tyre but also the wheel rim separately, allowing for unprecedented grip in the first laps on the track.

A double display temperature controller allows you to adjust the temperature up to 120°C. Once the desired temperature is reached, after 15 minutes the two displays will indicate (flashing) that the temperature is optimal on both the rim and inside the tyre. A brilliant solution for those who want the maximum from Capit. With the rim warm, the grip on the track lasts much longer than with traditional tyre warmers. A principle already used by the top MotoGP teams.

Attention: If you own a Ducati with a single-sided swingarm, the two bands will be asymmetric (see different purchase code).


High performance for this top-of-the-line Capit tyre warmer that is capable of heating not only the tyre but also the wheel rim, allowing for unprecedented grip in the first laps on the track.

  • Reliability and durability over the years are a benchmark thanks to Capit’s technologies developed in F1
  • The new Capit Full CONTROL motorcycle tyre warmers have been developed directly from the MotoGP world, now offered to a non-professional rider audience.
  • Double heating cable in radial teflon for a reduction in heating time and uniform heat distribution • Adjustable heating system up to 120°C (104-250°F)
  • Special external waterproof coating resistant to any liquid and accidental burns from disks or exhaust systems
  • Internal anti-wear and fire-resistant waterproof IP54 coating
  • External power cable in rubber resistant up to 200°C
  • Double layer of aluminum inside: the first layer in contact with the tyre is highly thermal conductive, the second layer placed between wadding and outer fabric is highly insulating.
  • Spherical shape: a special textile construction that perfectly follows the shape of the tyre and covers the tyre shoulders more.

Capit Full CONTROL is equipped with a double display control unit integrated into the same ultracompact, shock-resistant material of the tyre warmer. With just two buttons, it is possible to view the initial set temperature chosen (flashing T setting) and the actual temperature present on the tyres or the wheel (T run time); it is possible to choose to display in °C or °F. Once the desired temperature is reached, after 15 minutes, the two displays will signal (flashing) that the temperature is optimal on the wheel and inside the tyre.Double display, therefore double choice of different temperature for the wheel and tyre.

The difference from the competition is the quality of the product and Capit’s service, a 100% made in Italy product used by almost all top MotoGP, Superbike, and F1 teams, with an official 3-year warranty and guaranteed repair service even out of warranty.

  • Available in black
  • Possibility of product customization with your logo,
  • Possibility (optional) to purchase the center band in black/red/blue/green/yellow/orange.


Thermography shows how Capit’s technology offers better performance thanks to the TEFLON heating cable, unlike all the other brands of tyre warmers that use silicone. No Capit tyre warmer, in fact, is susceptible to accidental crushing of the car or motorcycle. Heat is evenly distributed throughout the tyre, ensuring safety, tyre grip on the track, and optimal performance.


The Capit Basic Car tyre warmers can be ordered with the following plugs:

  • European Schuko type plug (EU 220/230 Volt)
  • British (UK – 230 Volt)
  • American/Japanese (USA/JPN 100-110 Volt)
  • Australian (AUS – 240 Volt)


For further customizations, Capit has a tailor-made department: please contact our Factory Racing Performance department at performance@capit.it, which will customize any textile or electrical wiring according to your specific needs.


Attention important note: the FULL ZONE and FULL CONTROL tyre warmers do not require connections with external control units, but instead have a built-in temperature controller directly on the warmers.