The heated tire covers are guaranteed for 3 years from the purchase date against manufacturing defects.

Please keep the documentation carefully and do not remove the internal label with the product identification code. All other products are guaranteed for 2 years. If the product is tampered with, the warranty will immediately expire. For any needs, please contact our customer service:

Capit has internal customer service. Please send the heated tire cover to Capit Performance srl, via Mattei, 45, 20044, Arese (MI) ITALY, along with the completed repair form. If the heated tire cover is burned, please send us photos to for an initial damage evaluation.

The sizes are visible on the technical specifications of each product available on the website


It is possible to purchase a single heated tire cover.

All Capit products can be customized to your needs. Send an email to and let us know what you desire. We can create any shape and temperature in the new creative WARM LAB laboratory.

 If the heated tire cover has obvious damage, immediately unplug it from the socket and contact our customer service at

The heated tire cover should be disposed of as special waste according to the regulations in the municipality where it belongs.

The heated tire covers should be turned on at least one hour before removing the tire. Please do not preheat the tire for more than three hours.

The heated tire covers are suitable for both amateur and professional riders. Depending on your needs, Capit can offer you the best product for your use.

The motorcycle covers fit all track bikes; for all other bikes, the length, height, and width must be known. Capit also creates custom-made models for any bike.

Yes, because they have a patented TNT system that allows them to be used without thermostats. Call us to learn more, it’s really interesting.

Counting F1, MotoGP, and WSBK, more than 25.

All components are made in Italy. We have always strongly believed in this, which is why we sell them all over the world. Because the quality is excellent.

All Vision and LEO models.


Heated clothing can be washed by hand at 30°C after removing the battery.

Heated clothing is covered by a 2-year warranty.

For any needs, please contact our customer service at


You can contact us by email at or by phone at 023533300.

The battery and charger are included in the package. All accessories can also be purchased separately. Other useful accessories are available on the website.

All WARMME clothing items have a backlit easy-touch button that allows you to choose from three different temperature levels: green for low, orange for medium, and red for high.

The battery lasts from 2 to 7 hours depending on the intensity of the chosen temperature.

Can any type of power bank be used to heat the clothing? 

The clothing can be heated with any type of power bank.

Heated clothing is also suitable for those who engage in outdoor sports or are forced to spend long periods outdoors.


You can send an email to  and write what you need.

CAPIT produces heat blankets for drums and IBC tanks, resins and composites, and custom-made blankets.

Yes, the heat blankets can be equipped with accessories such as splitters for multiple control and multichannel recorder for releasing uniformity certificates.

The industrial heat blankets can reach a maximum temperature of 200°C with external temperatures as low as -60°C.