WARMUP is the internal line by Capit that deals with racing, in particular with tire warmers and race accessories.

Every year WARMUP is enriched by new cutting-edge products to satisfy every customer’s needs.

The WARMUP line is further divided into other categories, allowing the customer to immediately identify the product of their interest.


WARMLAB is the taylormade line that Capit has dedicated to racing products.

It is a special production section that combines all of our technical and tailoring expertise with the needs of our most prestigious clients (amateurs and professionals).

Here, customized solutions are born, respecting the safety criteria of WARMUP catalog products, along with temperature management software specifically designed for you, motorcycle covers, and sublimated heat blankets tailored to your specific requirements.


Warmme is the line dedicated to the heated clothing by Capit.

Technologically advanced and of excellent quality, they are ideal not only for those who ride a motorbike but also for those who practice outdoor sports and it is forced to stay in the cold for a long time.

The line is composed of heated vests for men and women, moto gloves, outdoor gloves, urban gloves, leg heater and heated socks.

The accessories are already included in the packaging, but they can be also sold separately.

World Title MotoGP
100% Made In Italy
ISO 9001 Certification