Whether you are a professional or amateur rider, remember that the use of tire warmers is essential.

 In fact, the tyre warmer cannot be considered a simple accessory for track enthusiasts, but it is a safety device capable of avoiding dangerous incidents during the race.

What is the purpose of a tire warmer?

 Its purpose is to bring the tire to its optimal temperature to ensure the right conditions on the track. A tire that is too cold or excessively hot, in fact, loses grip and can wear out quickly or even tear apart. Each tire, depending on the compound, has its ideal temperature that is reached in about 60 minutes. It is therefore recommended to proceed with the tire warming about an hour before. What is essential is that there is uniform diffusion over the entire tire and wheel.

How many types of tire warmers are there?

There are numerous types of tire warmers on the market, but given their important function, it is advisable not to be attracted only by particularly attractive prices, but to evaluate above all the degree of reliability they offer.


Moreover, depending on the tire that is mounted, a specific size of tire warmer is required. Therefore, before purchasing one, it is advisable to be sure of the exact measurements.


To meet all types of needs, we at Capit have developed different types of tire warmers that can satisfy different market needs. We have designed a more economical line for amateurs, which is able to guarantee total safety, increasingly advanced tire warmers requested by professional riders, and we have even top-of-the-range products mainly used in MotoGP teams.

Our products are also customizable with various colors and personal logos to make the product unique and recognizable.