It seems like yesterday when, in 1997, Stefano Cappelletti , today Capit Perfomance CEO & Founder, had a real stroke of genius. At that time the father Giampietro was an excellent manufacturer of electric thermometers and a profound connoisseur of thermodynamics, the mother Maria was instead a very skilled seamstress, she was an expert in making women’s clothes for many years.

Since he was a kid, Stefano has worked alongside his two parents in order to learn the secrets of their two jobs. Stefano grows and has many experiences among metalworking, engineering, tailoring and electronics and a brilliant intuition soon arises: which product, if not the tyre warmer, can perfectly combine the two magnificent know-how of mom and dad? So over the years, the company grows more and more, developing that intuition and taking it to the top of the world sports competitions.

Thanks to the experience, research, and tests in collaboration with the best teams in the car and motorbike world championships, Capit has taken on a leading role in the national and international market, producing more than 20,000 tyre warmers per year.

A true MADE IN ITALY excellence in the world.



Give birth to the best tire warmers in the world.


We want to be the reference point for anyone who lives for adrenaline, without compromising on the safetyand quality of the product.

Our task is to develop increasingly advanced tire warmers, able to reach higher and higher quality standards.

Our products need to be able to satisfy the requests of our customers in a continuously evolving industry.


  • Quality

Our products are completely Made in Italy and certified. Ensuring high-quality standards mostly means protecting the safety of drivers on track.

  • Innovation

We own an internal Research & Development laboratory to improve the quality of the products and technology standard.

  • Research & Development

Our company is composed of a team of experts, who are constantly looking for new materials and more advanced components, to ensure the best performance of the product.

Made In Italy

Most of the Capit products you will find on the website, such as the tyre warmers, are 100% Made in Italy products sewn directly in our tailor shop laboratory in Arese, in the province of Milan.

Our products represent Italian excellence, thanks to the quality of each component, such as tissue, cables, and internal and external coating, carefully chosen by our experts.

For us providing a perfect product also means protecting the safety of the driver; it happens, indeed, that cheap and poorly made tire warmers lead to incidents or casual burnings.

Furthermore, to show our passion and commitment to everyone who chooses us, we are the only Italian tire warmers company certified ISO9001.

World Title MotoGP
100% Made In Italy
ISO 9001 Certification