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Leo4 Touch Control Unit

Leo4-Touch control unit is the latest generation control unit for high-performance of car and motorcycle tyre warmers. It is capable of controlling the temperature of 4 car tyre warmers (Profi Car model) and managing different temperatures for each individual tyre warmer/zone.


The latest generation Leo4-Touch control unit is capable of easily managing the Profi Car auto tyre warmers with just a few commands.


  • Simultaneous set-point change of all channels up to 120°C/285°F
  • Management of individual set-point for each channel
  • 2-hour graph to verify proper tyre heating
  • 3″ touch screen display
  • Configuration page for setting alarms, “Tyre ready” time, and 4 pre-configured sets of set-points by the operator
  • “Hide” function to hide regulation parameters. Robust black aluminum casing.
  • Operating timer

The Leo4-Touch control unit is supplied with 4 cables, each 3 meters long, with push&pull connectors complete for Maxima Leo motorcycle tyre warmers and PROFI CAR models.


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