Suprema Spina Tyre Warmer

The Capit Suprema Spina tyre warmers have a direct connection to the electrical network and a single pre-set temperature, recommended for both amateur and professional riders for their great stability and durability. Its unparalleled characteristics make this product the best-selling and most requested in the world.

  • Made of strong polyester to last over time.
  • Waterproof and soft, they guarantee a tyre fitting that is second to none.
  • A special aluminum membrane and a tightly woven Teflon heating coil ensure exceptional and unmatched uniformity. It can withstand accidental crushing.
  • In just 50 minutes, it reaches a uniform temperature of 90°C (195°F).
  • They are free from bimetallic thermostats, which avoids possible breakages over time and temperature fluctuations.
  • External connection cable made of special rubber resistant to 200°C.
  • Suprema Spina are guaranteed for 3 years and 100% Made in Italy.

The Capit Suprema Spina tyre warmers are suitable for amateur and professional pilots looking for a practical and efficient product with something special.

The Suprema Spina tyre warmers boast the use of rigorously Made in Italy materials and are built with sturdy polyester to last over time. Waterproof and soft, they ensure a tyre dressing that is unmatched.

A special aluminum membrane called Heat Spreader and an indestructible heating coil made of Teflon (denser than smart) guarantee exceptional uniformity; aluminum not only spreads heat best on the tyre but also prevents it from being dispersed outward. This advanced technology, already used for many years in MotoGP and Formula 1, guarantees the achievement of a uniform temperature of 90°C (195°F) in just 40 minutes.

Suprema has no bimetallic thermostat (a component present in all other competitors), a choice that avoids possible breakages over time. It does not fear any kind of trampling or crushing. In the Capit Suprema Spina tyre warmer, there is an external connection cable made of special rubber designed to withstand temperatures accidentally caused, for example, by the exhaust pipe or brake disc. This characteristic differentiates us from competitor products that use PVC and silicone cables, materials not suitable for the racing world.

Capit Suprema Spina tyre warmers are guaranteed for 3 years and made entirely in Italy like all our products. Discover also the Suprema Vision with a thermostat to display and choose every temperature up to 120°.

Do you want to view and change the temperature directly on the electric blanket? You choose:


Thermography shows how Capit’s technology offers better performance thanks to the TEFLON heating cable, unlike all the other brands of tyre warmers that use silicone. No Capit tyre warmer, in fact, is susceptible to accidental crushing of the car or motorcycle. Heat is evenly distributed throughout the tyre, ensuring safety, tyre grip on the track, and optimal performance.


The Capit Basic Car tyre warmers can be ordered with the following plugs:

  • European Schuko type plug (EU 220/230 Volt)
  • British (UK – 230 Volt)
  • American/Japanese (USA/JPN 100-110 Volt)
  • Australian (AUS – 240 Volt)


For further customizations, Capit has a tailor-made department: please contact our Factory Racing Performance department at, which will customize any textile or electrical wiring according to your specific needs.