Capit’s Moto Tyrewarmers Suprema Spina are simple in shape, but big in the task: versatile, very practical and efficient, they are the best-selling in the world thanks to the patented Capit technology without thermostat.

Available in various sizes and colors, can be ordered with European type plug (EU – 220/230 Volt) – English (UK – 230 Volt) – American (USA – 110 Volt) – Australian (AUS – 240 Volt) – Japanese (JPN – 100 Volt).

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Main Features

  • Radial heating cable in Teflon for reduced heating time and uniform heat distribution
  • TNT heating system self-regulating at 90-95°C without thermostat (in just 30 minutes a constant and homogeneous temperature is obtained on the tire that a normal thermostat is not able to supply. The innovative and patented method consists in weaving every few millimetres a special heating cable on a fabric with a high thermal conducting power, eliminating the thermostat and related problems of inconstant temperature and low durability)
  • Special external coating impermeable to any liquid
  • Anti-wear and fireproof inner lining
  • Silicone power cable resistant up to 200°C
  • Velcro closure
  • Operation check lamp
  • Its interior is in HEAT SPREADER fabric (internal fabric, highly conductive, made with specific noble alloys) capable of spreading the heat perfectly
  • Electric absorption for single tyrewarmer: size S 200 watt – size M 300 watt – size L 400 watt – size XL 500 watt – size XXL 550 watt – size 18” 300 watt

Black, Blue, Carbon, Gold, Green, Grey, Orange, Red, Silver, Yellow


Classic 18, Suprema 300, Suprema M/L, Suprema M/XL, Suprema M/XXL, Suprema S/M