Capit Ventostop for tire warmers is made to guarantee the stability of the temperature in hard weather conditions, such as cold, wind, and rain.

  • Guarantee the stability of the temperature in hard weather conditions
  • Easy to assemble
  • It must be used over the tire warmer
  • Complete with a transparent window that allows you to see the temperature of all versions of Capit Vision.

Capit Ventostop is designed to ensure temperature stability in challenging weather conditions such as intense cold, strong winds, or rain, as well as when in contact with hot mechanical parts. It is easy to install and is used over the tyre warmers. Capit strongly recommends using Ventostop in case of strong winds.

Ventostop has been used by MotoGP champions for many years.


For further customizations, Capit has a tailor-made department: please contact our Factory Racing Performance department at, which will customize any textile or electrical wiring according to your specific needs.