Reflective Cover for Car Cockpit

  • Innovative and cutting-edge
  • Protects and provides greater comfort
  • Tough and sturdy for long-lasting use
  • Lightweight, convenient, and easy to transport
  • Adaptable to any model


The Capit thermal reflective insulation cover for the cockpit is an innovative and cutting-edge product that aims to protect the car cockpit from overheating and provide the driver with greater comfort and well-being before departure. Made of polyester coupled with aluminium, it is tough and robust to last over time.

Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to transport, this insulation cover will become a must-have before a race on the track.


For further customizations, Capit has a tailor-made department: please contact our Factory Racing Performance department at, which will customize any textile or electrical wiring according to your specific needs.


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