The battery heating gloves WarmMe are conceived to guarantee the maximum comfort joined to the graceful Italian design.

They are suitable for any outdoor use and are made with innovative fabrics able to offer lightness, strenght and resistance to wind and rain and to allow, in the meanwhile, the natural transpiration of skin.

The heating circuit follows the hand profile, radiating the heat everywhere, fingers included, giving comfort even at lower temperatures.

WarmMe gloves are available with or without rigid protections, depending on the outdoor activity practiced.

The innovative technology of Capit, already famous in racing field, is based on heating and flexible carbon filaments, strategically positioned in specific areas, in order to maintain a comfortable temperature around 38/40°C. Three settable temperatures with one backlit button.

The battery is included. Light and small, the battery recharges quickly. It is positioned in a little internal pocket and it can power the heating circuit up to 7 hours.


  • An invisible circuit of flexible and ultra-light plates is strategically positioned in specific areas, so as to help to maintain and perceive a comfortable temperature.
  • A single “easy touch” button (to be used without removing gloves) allows you to select one of the three available temperatures. Thanks to the 3 colored lights you can understand even in the dark which temperature you are using.
  • Small lithium-ion battery, light and quickly rechargeable. Placed in a small internal pocket, it can feed the heating circuit for more than 7 hours.
  • Water repellent and insulating.
  • Touch screen glove: in the WarmMe glove, the tips of the thumb and index fingers have a special coating that allows the use of touch screen devices (smartphones, navigators, etc.) without removing the gloves.
  • Battery and charger are included in the package (can also be purchased separately as a spare).

L, M, S, XL, XS, XXL