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With the new WarmMe Mayer Black heated vest today is possible to practice outdoor activity keeping yourself warm and setting the temperature as you like.

Manufactured with Softshell fabric, the new WarmMe Mayer Black heated vest is thin, resistant and stretchy, keeps the heat but is transpirant and it has a double external layer waterproof/wind-block.

The new WarmMe Mayer Black heated vest has been designed to be weared under any clothing, adapting to different clothing used in the different activities.

The Mayer Black heated vest can be the dress for every day: for work, sport, and free time.

The innovative technology of Capit, already famous in racing field, is based on heating and flexible carbon filaments, strategically positioned in specific areas, to maintain a comfortable temperature around 38/40°C.

Three settable temperatures with one backlit button.

The battery is included. Light and small, the battery recharges quickly. It is positioned in a little internal pocket and it can power the heating circuit up to 7 hours.


  • An invisible circuit of flexible and ultra-flat heating plates is strategically positioned in specific areas of the chest, to help to maintain and perceive a comfortable temperature.
  • A single “easy touch” button (to be used without removing gloves) allows you to select one of the three available temperatures.
  • Small, light and fast rechargeable lithium-ion battery (3000mAh LIPU).
  • Double side zip that provides to tighten the vest and to always have a perfect fit to the body.
  • The vest has an autonomy ranging from 2 to 7 hours depending on the selected temperature.
  • Battery and charger are included in the package (can also be purchased separately as a spare).


WarmMe heated vest is made in Sofstshell, a special material able to offer practicality, elegance, resistance and possibility of customization. Softshell, moreover, is a kind of fabric particularly indicated for all those activities that require a wide freedom of movement.

WarmMe heated vest is composed by 3 different overlapping layers that manage to create a unique combination, able to solve all problems related to cold.

Each layer has a specific function:

- The external fabric in Softshell is breathable an elastic, 2 characteristics that, combined with its insulation and protection capacity, make it able to regulate the body temperature, protecting form rain and wind.

- The micro membrane of the intermediate layer contains thousands of tiny pores, small enough to keep the water from passing, but large enough to allow vapor to breathe in order to keep the body dry and a pleasant body temperature. The thermoregulation, made possible by the inner membrane, eliminates the need to wear or remove a garment in case of excessive cold or hot, returning particularly useful in outdoor sports practice.

- The thermally inner layer serves the four heating elements to better spread the heat on the chest and back.

Is the Softshell waterproof?

The Softshell fabric can't be 100% waterproof because the tiny pores of membrane have to be big enough to allow the transpiration of body vapor. If the fabric was completely waterproof, transpiration would not be possible.

Which environments is this kind of garment suitable for?

The beauty of Softshell garments allows you to wear them in different environments and circumstances and not only related to sport. They are perfect for biking or mountain biking, on motorcycle, during a golf match, on a sailing boat or horse, but also in any daily work situation that requie freedom of movement.

heated vest heated clothing capit warmme warm me