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One made in Italy production for one world wide success.


CAPIT produces its professional tire warmers since 1996 and thanks to the experience, research and test with the best world championship’s teams (cars and motorcycles) has come to be one market leader.


This success comes from continuous evolution of products for which our company often has been innovative, introducing new concepts (heat circuit with radial layout, elimination of mechanical thermostats by TNT system), new materials (Fire and Silvertech fabrics) and new technologies (electronic themperature management).


CAPIT produces in its italian headquarters and directly manages the study, the development and the implementation of every single product’s part: textile, electric and electronic. Chosen materials, the technologies used and the production methods are excellent and therefore guarantee best performance and reliability.


This product area is the heart of our company. Capit was born producing products for professional teams/riders of various automotive and motorcycle world championships. Today we are leading the market but we continue to develop new solutions and present innovative ideas. This area is dedicated to professionals and individuals who want to "enjoy their race".. because we think about the rest.


This is the new product area designed for leisure and not only. Here you can find items that are not suitable to racetracks peoples only but are thought for all people who want to find high quality solutions to their needs. This area is dedicated to those who want to "enjoy their time”.. because we think about the rest.

tyrewarmers for bike, tyrewarmers for car, Capit professional Tyrewarmers


We manufacture this product for many years and we’re a market leader for the motorcycle and cars as well. We are able to offer unique technologies and reference quality. A wide range of products to suit the professional team but also private.

Track accessories: tyre rack, grid caddy, wheels carrier, box stool


All products useful to equip one garage and to use better our tyre warmers drawing maximum benefits. Every product is designed for professional use but also suitable for individuals who wish to enjoy the best performance.

Capit teli copri moto


Motorcycle Cover Breathable Stretchable Capit used by top riders of MotoGP and Superbike, 100% made in Italy Capit motorcycle cover is customizable with Customers logos on the sides or front.

heated clothing, WarmMe vest


Innovative clothing line that draws from our experience in the heating circuits world. Our products are designed to be used in any environment and for every need , focusing particularly on comfort, functionality and practicality.

dry helmet Capit


A new line of products born from research into new technologies to improve the comfort of drivers and then developed to satisfy other customers outside the racing world.