Warmit has always been one of Capit’s product lines of which we are very proud.

Thanks to our experience and skills acquired over the years, we are able to produce high-level industrial thermal blankets designed according to customer wishes. We serve various industrial sectors including naval, pharmaceutical, and aerospace.

Thanks to a very challenging and detailed design phase, important improvements have been made to the line dedicated to drums and tanks. From 2023, in fact, these products will have even more advanced and cutting-edge technical features than the current ones.


The sturdy polyester used up to now will be replaced by a new one equally resistant, but lighter. Compared to the previous one, this fabric is not only resistant to water, fire, liquids, and dust but is also anti-wear and oil-resistant.

Vision Regulator

The new products will have the Vision regulator integrated, capable of simplifying and improving the temperature control process. It can be applied to all thermal blankets and is flexible, safe, and suitable for all models. Our IP54 thermal blankets are also certified.

In addition to the line of thermal blankets for drums and tanks, we also produce thermal blankets for resins and composites.

For the most demanding customers, we develop tailor-made projects in line with their specific requests.