What are industrial heating blankets used for?

Industrial heating blankets are essential for processes within companies, to create or maintain the optimal temperature of liquid or solid chemicals that could otherwise undergo irreparable alterations.

These types of heating blankets are made of robust materials that ensure certain advantages, such as resistance, flexibility, and reliability.

What are the purposes for which heating blankets are used?

Heating blankets can be used for various purposes, such as:

  • Preventing excessive temperature drops Avoiding temperature fluctuations or ice formation
  • Preheating and heating certain components or the tank itself.

In which types of industries are they used?

Industrial heating blankets find application in various sectors, such as the chemical and pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food, naval, and aerospace industries.

How many types of industrial heating blankets exist?

In general, there are several types of industrial heating blankets, such as those for drums and small containers, for resins and composites, and those designed to fit specific needs.

Capit has developed the Warmit line dedicated precisely to these products.

The design and production of industrial heating blankets support small, medium, and large-scale series productions, as well as ensuring the development of heating blankets of any size.