Capit has always produced tyrewarmers for cars of excellent technical and aesthetic quality, able to immediately make the tires performing and close to the best condition of use, thanks in particular to the uniformity of temperature that tyre warmers are able to guarantee on the entire surface of the tyre.

Capit tyrewarmers for cars are used in the most important championships, including Formula1, from official cars and tire manufacturers for their own test teams.

The Capit tyrewarmers Spina (direct plug) for cars, plugged in either 110V or 230V, uses self-regulating TNT technology. This technology does not require the use of the traditional thermostat (which often does not allow, once the desired temperature is reached, to keep it constant) and allows thermal stability at 85°C over time, which no mechanical thermostat can guarantee.

The absence of a critical component such as the thermostat significantly increases the reliability of the tyrewarmers for cars.


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