Capit designed this product for race activities of teams who use our tyrewarmers. This product grants the best housing of rims and the best tyre management of heating process and heat retention.

They are made in aluminum and are divisible just to be light and occupy minimum volume during transport. Strong and reliable, they have great advantage to have all electric wires and electronic integrated, making them invisible, right to reduce annoying and dangerous hitch in the box during the frenetic activity of the mechanics. The product is supplied with pivots wheel included.

The Mammuth Spina version is equipped with electrical outlet type CE standard (UK, AUS, USA, JAP types available on request) to power our tyrewarmers Suprema Spina and Suprema Vision.

The Mammuth Leo version is dedicated to our tyrewarmers Factory Leo and it integrates the electronics and the components of our LEO2/LEO4 controlboxes.