The battery heated gloves moto WarmMe are conceived to guarantee the maximum comfort joined to the graceful Italian design.

They are suitable for any outdoor use and are made with innovative fabrics able to offer lightness, strenght and resistance to wind and rain and to allow, in the meanwhile, the natural transpiration of skin.

The new motorcycle gloves line by Capit. Always fashionable and attentive to details.

The new Capit motorcycle gloves present important news in terms of design and functionality.

The new Easy-touch button is same as the entire Capit heated clothing line and is backlit with LED indicating the heating power. Easily identifiable even in the dark, it is made of soft relief silicone rubber.

The new wiper positioned on index finger is made of soft rubber and with a triangular profile that better follows the shape of the glove.

The rigid protectors are now covered with fabric to give a more elegant and sober look. Sportiness with class.

CE Certified Product

heated race gloves ce certified product warmup capit motorcycle

Race L, Race M, Race S, Race XL

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