Coming directly from the MotoGP world, the Full Zone Vision-Pro tyrewarmer is now available also for an audience of non-professional riders.

At the top of the Capit rage with a vary high performance, this tyrewarmer, thanks to the “Full Zone” extension, is able to heat the wheel rim as well as the tire, allowing unprecedent grip in the first laps of the track.

The 36 pinces (18 per side) allow the tyrewarmer to obtain the “Spherical shape“, a useful shape that guarantees the perfect adherence of the tyrewarmer to the tire, keeping the heat longer.

Full Zone Vision-Pro is equipped with the Vision-Pro control unit which is integrated in the tyrewarmer; it has ultra-compact dimensions and it’s made of impact-resistant material.

With only 2 buttons it is possible to view the initial setting temperature chosen (T set) and the one present on the tires (T run) as well as being able to choose the temperature displayed in °C or °F.
The flashing of the display indicates that the preset temperature has been reached, the tire is ready to be used on the track.

Available in various sizes and in three colors (black, red and blue) Full Zone Vision-Pro tyrewarmer can be ordered with a European type plug (EU – 220/230 Volt) – English (UK – 230 Volt) – American/Japanese (USA/JPN – 100-110 Volt) – Australian (AUS – 240 Volt).


Main Features

  • Teflon heating cable with radial arrangement for a reduction of the heating time and an uniform heat distribution
  • Adjustable heating system 20-120 °C / 68-248 °F
  • New timer function. After 10 minutes from reaching the set temperature, the display will start to flash indicating that the tire is evenly heated and ready to be used on the track
  • Waterproof external coating
  • Internal anti-wear and anti-fire coating
  • Silicone power cable resistant up to 200 °C
  • Velcro closure
  • Internal insulation in Heat Spreader material (highly conductive and reflective internal fabric) capable of perfectly spreading the heat
  • Vision-Pro temperature control and regulation system mounted directly on the tyrewarmer
  • Spherical Shape: a special textile construction that allows you to perfectly follow the shape of the rubber and better cover the shoulders of the tire
  • Full-Zone option for rim heating
  • Rear and front rim heating proportioned to the temperature set for the tire


Central Band Color

Black, Blue, Red





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